How to Navigate

Use your mouse or finger to click and drag around the map.


Zoom to a Station

Click a Compressor Station name in the list of Bookmarks to zoom directly to a station. Click All Compressor Stations or the Home button to return to all stations.

Bookmarks Preview


Zoom In or Out

Zoom in or out using your mouse scroll wheel or the +/- icons in the top left corner.

POI icon

Click to Learn More

To view and learn more about a station location, click on the blue circle.

Information preview

Click to Enlarge Image

Click on the enlarge icon in the station popup to view a larger version of the image.


Search for a Location

Click the Search icon and type in an address or place name to zoom to that location.



Click the Measure icon to measure distances, or areas, on the map.


Change Map Background

Click the Basemap Gallery icon to switch the map background to imagery or more traditional street map.


Map Legend

Click the map legend icon to see what the symbols on the map mean.

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